Eleven Eleven Sophie’s Surprise

Surprise sale painting is lower down.

Freebies would be added for the 11th, sometimes 11am or 11pm (London Clock). Press the 1111SophieSurprise on the SALE page each time you visit for up to date content.

Freebie ‘The Dirty Cow’ art print. June 11th 2019 winners video above.

Sophie Huddlestone paintings for sale

Butterfly original painting. It should be £160. Only a couple more weeks until the £100 discount coupon expires.

Use this Coupon Discount Code when adding the butterfly painting to the shop’s basket:


and get £100 off it’s shop listed price. 

Press the image to view more details or to purchase.

Please let me know if any coupon codes are not compatible with your device.

Freebies / Mega Sale:

the dirty cow by Sophie Huddlestone 1111SS

Freebies deadlines are different each time ranging from a few hours to a few days. The winners name and entries names may be public via a winners video.

Sale: Sometimes the sale item is via this website www.sophiehuddlestone.com SHOP other times it may be a link to the sale priced painting on a well known global market place such as Etsy (Etsy shop – countryswirls) or eBay (eBay seller – six.foot.sophie).

Example of June 11th: THE DIRTY COW FREEBIE. If you can not see any relevant posts on Sophie’s social media (sometimes the Sophie Surprise is not advertised) then get busy liking, sharing and making the comment “i want it #1111SophieSurprise the Dirty Cow art print” on to any of Sophie’s social media non relevant posts. It will be a different freebie title for the next one.

Winner is an old school pull out of the hat method, contacted via the social media comment.

Thanks :-)

Sophie Huddlestone.