Art Prints

Buy contemporary animal paintings printed on to watercolour paper. £13.95 each. Print A4 size. By Artist Sophie Appleton Huddlestone.

Copyright Sophie Huddlestone

P1164 Emerald Giraffe. Sophisticated & elegant, and hypnotic eyes that you can’t stop gazing into.

P1298 Dreamy Bunny Rabbit. Lively fluffy textures yet gentle tones with a warm dreamy look of love in its eye.

P1332 Eye Color Love. Swirling rainbows of overwhelming love pouring from the soul

P1166 Blue Eyed Bunny. A contemporary rabbit, colourful yet still neutral enough to match any room.

P1168 Cool Zebra Zest. Cool chilled out, mellow & happy with a zesty of yellow to brighten your day.

P1233 Lustrous Lemur. Add the wow factor with this intricate creature, will it pounce or play?

P1171 The Comfy Kitten. Soft and dreamy yet bright eyed, purrrrfect colours to match most rooms.

P1170 Giraffe Junior. Modern, colourful, and those big blue eyes that just follow you round the room.

P1192 Baby Elephant Tastic. Delightful, playful and bright, fantastic creature that never forgets you.

P1175 Owl Curls Bird Swirls. Whimsical and quaint, giving a delightful feeling to any room.

P1152 Midnight Cat. Contemporary modern swirly cat, inquisitive & attractive keeping you up all night.

P1334 Steampunk Bunny. She’s fearless and cute AF, this Urban Rabbit won’t bee stung!

P1243 Bee Lucky. With the four leaf clover this bee should bring good luck to any buzzy house hold.

P1173 The Dirty Cow. Perfect for those with a sense of humour, light & dark tones are bold yet pretty.

P1169 Peep Po Penguins. Ever had clingy hugs that don’t let go. Love & security, being needed & wanted.

P1176 Highland Cow Swirls. With a mass of unruly hair this swirly artwork has attitude and grace.

P1187 Unicorn Magic. Mystical, magnificent creature full of magic, may all your dreams come true.

P1172 Kitty Catcher. Colourful playfully, ready to pounce, catching the eye of visitors to your home.

P1250 Rainbow Rabbit Lop. A cute friendly lop eared bunny patiently waiting for a new owner.

P1234 Rapt Robin. This lovely robin has a rapt gaze, inquisitive & fascinated by what you are up to.

P1177 Rabbit Dandelion. This rabbit loves to bounce around your garden but happily poses for a selfie, eating dandelions.

P1174 The Clucky Mama. Beautiful detailed feathers. This happy chicken & chic will make you feel chirpy.

P1282 Happy Hedgehog. You can’t help smiling at this colourful hedgehog and butterfly, enjoy that feel good warm glow.

P1193 Leicester Champions. Leicester city football fans can have this pretty version in there home.


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Art Replicas (prints): Sold unframed. The original watercolour and pen painting by myself, has then been printed on to actual watercolour paper. So this print looks looks very much like an original, and does not look like a cheap looking poster style print. Watercolour paper Size A4 (297mm X 210mm). The Copyright wording is not on your picture it is edited onto the display photograph.

AUTHENTICITY: Each one has a signature and dated on the front in ink (from creation) in my maiden name of Sophie Appleton and also hand signed Sophie Huddlestone initials on the front (my now married name) in pencil. The back has pencil details hand written by myself for the authenticity proof of purchase directly from the artist. Each includes a small certificate card in a plastic sleeve for you to keep which has purchase and authenticity details.

SMILE: If you look very carefully on each one I have created you will eventually find one of my own personal secret markings , its a small face in ink (eyes, nose & smile), mixed in amongst all the swirls of the pen work. Some people look and look and can not find it for a long time but there is one on there , although only a couple of mm in size :-)

POSTAGE: I usually send these in scrolls or flat packed in layers of cardboard. I always use Royal Mail recorded signed for or international tracked for your security and mine, hence the postage costs. I usually post the next day.

Keep it yours:

Remember you paid for your painting or print so help prevent illegal printing of it. If you show friends or family via text or email etc always obstruct the image, for example with a bit of paper. 

A quick way to contact me with any questions is via messenger which is my Facebook business page ‘Artist Sophie Appleton Huddlestone’ @SwirlySophArt other methods to contact me are on the contact page.