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If you prefer one of a kind hand painted artworks in your home instead of mass produced pictures then you are going to love these. 

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Artist Sophie Appleton Huddlestone


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Artist Sophie’s blog is at my creativity website previous examples are below:

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shop Sophie’s online shop with paintings and prints to buy now.

portraits page has examples of painted portraits with a twist.

commissions page has examples of your fluffy loved ones, painted pets! is a separate site with just the bargain priced paintings, bookmarks and ACEO’s. A handy go to website when buying a prezie!

You could own a Sophie Huddlestone painting or print but the full copyrights of all my art and images remain with myself, the artist, Sophie Huddlestone. I do not permit any person or entity to print, copy or replicate my art in any way, physical or virtual form.


Sophie Huddlestone paintings

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