DNA inventor Sir Alec Jeffreys Original Painting MEDIUM


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  • DNA inventor Sir Alec Jeffreys Portrait
  • Original Painting by Artist Sophie Huddlestone
  • Hand Painted one of a kind
  • on canvas
  • painted in watercolours
  • Size 375mm x 200mm and 15mm deep
  • Unframed (picture frame not included)
  • Hand signed


DNA inventor Sir Alec Jeffreys Portrait

DNA inventor Sir Alec Jeffreys Original Painting portrait on canvas 37.5cm x 20cm, depth of 1.5cm.  Portrait by Sophie Huddlestone 2020. Unframed and unmounted (picture frame is not included). Lovingly hand painted in artists watercolour paints. Purchase includes an authentication certificate, signed by myself the artist, with purchase details, it is the document that proves the authenticity of the painting for generations to come.

Full copyright remains with the artist, Sophie Huddlestone, no printing or replicating is permitted. It will be posted Royal Mail special delivery in 1 to 3 days. Packaged flat in multiple layers of cardboard to prevent bending, its tracking code will be emailed to you, please check your email junk folder for the added note email with details of the tracking code and when to expect the arrival of this special delivery item. Requires a signature on arrival.

Thanks Sophie Huddlestone.

or buy it elsewhere:

If you prefer you can purchase this painting at Saatchi Art instead of from my own website, this is the link: https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Portrait-DNA-inventor-Sir-Alec-Jeffreys/1240281/7262977/view

Artist’s Description:

DNA – Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys who invented DNA fingerprinting at the University of Leicester on the 10th September 1984. I painted a distant DNA strand behind him as he humbly talks about DNA fingerprinting origins. This is to portray an unseen and yet to be noticed future for this world changing technology. He and his teams knowledge have enabled so many criminals (and innocent) to be justifiably sentenced through his invented DNA fingerprinting and the list of DNA usage is endless. Mother Nature has planned for our genetic evolution until this point. Perhaps in generations to come gene therapy could be a future in which a group of privileged people become stronger, smarter and more beautiful than the rest or perhaps we can be trusted to use this knowledge for the greater good.