Face The Hierarchy Of Needs Original Painting SMALL


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  • Face The Hierarchy Of Needs
  • Original Painting by Artist Sophie Huddlestone
  • Hand Painted one of a kind
  • on watercolour paper
  • painted in watercolours
  • Artwork is size 7″ x 5″
  • UnFramed, Unmounted
  • Hand signed


Face The Hierarchy Of Needs

Hierarchy of needs Painting by Sophie Huddlestone. Painting size is 7″ x 5″. Hand painted in artists watercolour paints on to top quality watercolour paper – 300g/m2 140Lbs, acid free, archival. Includes a certificate card, signed, with purchase details, which proves the authenticity of this purchase direct from me, the Artist. The copyright wording is not painted across the actual artwork, it is edited onto the display photograph. Full copyright remains with the artist, Sophie Huddlestone. Posted via Royal Mail, multiple layers of cardboard are added to prevent bending, will have tracking code and require a signature on arrival.

Artist’s Description

A composite artwork of a ladies face with complex self actualisation meanings. The triangle pattern over the eye represents Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – a theory in psychology about the 5 motivation stages (physiological needs, safety needs, belonging & love needs, esteem needs and finally at the top of the triangle is self actualisation). Maslow’s theory claims each stage needs to be fully satisfied before you can reach full potential, but I believe you can still reach self actualisation (top of the triangle 5th stage) even with a few gaps or holes in each stage. The eyebrow underneath represents turning your life upside down if necessary to reach your goals in life. The light flowing from the top of the triangle (5th stage) is the flow of reaching true happiness and contentment.