Justin Timberlake Portrait Random Act Original Painting


In stock

  • Portrait inspired by Justin Timberlake ‘Random Act’
  • Original Painting by Artist Sophie Huddlestone
  • Hand Painted one of a kind
  • on 100 percent cotton canvas paper
  • painted in oils and watercolours
  • Size A3
  • Hand signed


Random Act

Portrait inspired by Justin Timberlake ‘Random Act’ original oil and watercolour painting on a 100% cotton canvas paper size A3. Modern contemporary portrait by Sophie Huddlestone. Hand painted in artists quality watercolour paints and oil paints. Unframed and unmounted (picture frame not included). Includes a certificate card, signed, with purchase details, which proves the authenticity of this purchase direct from me, the Artist. The copyright wording is not painted across the actual artwork, it is edited onto the display photograph. Full copyright remains with the artist, Sophie Huddlestone. Posted via Royal Mail, multiple layers of cardboard are added to prevent bending, its tracking code will be emailed to you. Requires a signature on arrival.

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Artist’s Description

The realistic painting of a book is to portray the black and white details about this musical person (Justin Timberlake) of his opinions and autobiographical information. The colourful portrait itself is the character and persona we all see online and with satellite footage hence its fragmented painting patterns (as if the signal can sometimes be broken). The hush hand position is from a random act of kindness (seen on his Instagram posts) when Justin Timberlake secretly signed some books and hid them in a book shop in daylight, walking in unnoticed, camouflage in plain sight. The book he wrote may also have secrets into the lifestyle and history which also matches the hush finger pose.