Scarlett Johansson Portrait Scarlet Smile Original Painting


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  • Portrait inspired by Scarlett Johansson ‘Scarlet Smile’
  • Original Painting by Artist Sophie Huddlestone
  • Also for sale on Saatchi Art if you prefer to purchase it from there.
  • Hand Painted one of a kind
  • On canvas textured art board
  • Painted in watercolours
  • Areas of raised texture paste
  • Satin protective coating
  • Size 420mm x 297mm x 1.4mm
  • Unframed
  • Hand signed


Scarlet Smile

This painting is also for sale at Saatchi Art details are lower down. Portrait ‘Scarlet Smile’ inspired by Scarlett Johansson, original watercolour painting on a canvas board size 420mm high 297mm wide and 1.4mm thick (16.5″ x 11.7″ and 0.1″ thick). Allowing the paint application to tell the story the three shoulders on the portrait were formed not via artistic decisions but instead by the runs and mixing on the paper. Almost like a fortune teller uses tea leaves, Sophie likes the paint and unpredictability to take the helm. Modern contemporary portrait by Sophie Huddlestone. Hand painted in artists quality watercolour paints. Areas of this watercolour has texture paste added which gives a raised surface 3D effect to the painting. The coating is a professional satin varnish which also gives the artwork UV protection. Unframed and unmounted. Includes A certificate card, signed, with purchase details, which proves the authenticity of this purchase direct from me, the Artist. The copyright wording is not painted across the actual artwork, it is edited onto the display photograph. Full copyright remains with the artist, Sophie Huddlestone. Posted via Royal Mail, multiple layers of cardboard are added to prevent bending, its tracking code will be emailed to you. Requires a signature on arrival.

Artist’s Description

A female portrait with a confident yet gentle smile. Close viewing depicts raised areas of gestural abstraction in a painterly style while remaining a compelling modern portrait when viewed further away. I wanted to capture the power of a subtle smile without a brash attitude. The addition of movement via the shoulders was formed by the paint application, almost like an artsy form of reading tea leaves. I enjoy allowing the paint to blend and move on the surface to create its own story.

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