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By Sophie Huddlestone

If you prefer to collect any paintings rather than postage, I can refund postage costs when you contact me to arrange its pick up from the artist’s office at 119 Factory Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0DP England.

Freebies are lower down. Please let me know if any sale coupon codes for the SHOP are not compatible with your device.

Sale Coupon Codes

Sophie Huddlestone butterfly painting


For £100 off the shop price for the butterfly painting use coupon code Butterflysdw4763

paintings artworks by Sophie Huddlestone

Ice Lollys

For £32.50 off the shop price for the fab lolly pop painting use coupon code FAB2228.

For £32.50 off the shop price for the oyster ice cream painting use coupon code OYSTER3459

seaside huts and deckchairs by SH


For £30.00 off the shop price for the seaside with deckchairs painting use coupon code CHAIR8842

For £50.00 off the shop price for the beach huts deck chairs painting use coupon code SEAHUT7226

Sophie Surprise

JULY Freebie


If you can not see any relevant posts about this freebie on Sophie’s social media (the freebies & discount coupons are not always displayed on Sophie’s social media) then you can still grab it by choosing any of Sophie’s social media posts and make this comment: “July Sophie Surprise B.E.B.” then ‘like’ & share that post.

If you do see a relevant post on Sophie’s social media then simply follow that post’s instructions.

Anyone that ‘Shares’ as a public rather than friends only setting, will get there name added twice to higher your chances.

Winner is an old school pull out of the hat method, contacted via your social media comment, like & share. Starts on the 11th and ends anything from a few hours to a couple of days later, so go go go before I take my hat off! Winners name & video will be added below.

Winner Video

Winner: Nanette Thomas

July 2019: THE BLUE EYED BUNNY FREEBIE. winners video above. Thanks everyone for spreading smiles and helping an artist bounce around on the internet a bit more. Winner was Nanette Thomas via a Facebook comment, like & share.


Artist Sophie Appleton Huddlestone


Sophie Surprise Info

Freebies deadlines are different each time ranging from a few hours to a few days. Usually starting around the 11th of the month. The winners name and entries names may be public via a winners video. Freebies are not every month as I’m just a one man band rather than a large company, but I will try to do as many as possible. 

Sale: Sometimes the sale item is a discount code to be used via this website SHOP other times it may be a link to the sale priced painting on a well known global market place such as Etsy (Etsy shop – countryswirls) or eBay (eBay seller – six.foot.sophie).

Social media: Sophie’e social media sites which sometimes display posts about the Eleven Eleven Sophie Surprise freebies are listed next to the latest freebie details.