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Artist Sophie Huddlestone creating and selling paintings worldwide since 2011

iris painting by Sophie Huddlestone

A swirly style of painting which makes it easy to spot a Sophie Huddlestone artwork.

Artist Sophie Huddlestone painting a portrait

Some current artworks are displayed in Sophie’s art studio window in Burbage.

Art studio Sophie Huddlestone

Have a look the next time you are passing by.

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Copyright Sophie Huddlestone

Painting is oxygen

Creating art that others will enjoy is a blessing. It also helps to prevent my busy creative mind from overloading, like a deep breath of oxygen for the soul. For over a decade I’ve had an endless fascination with painting, the patterns that form in each individual artwork never cease to amaze me.

Abstract floral painting by Sophie Huddlestone

An interest in art began at 11 years of age with complex themes that were not your typical house, tree and rainbow. I was in ore of Salvador Dali and would daydream in his pictures for hours. My career started from sixfootsophie beginnings as a single unemployed mum with dyslexia read more …….

Spreading smiles by the artwork and by adding a tiny hidden black ink smile face in the whimsical paintings, have you found yours yet? The paintings page has a close up image of one of these smiles, along with other painting techniques I have explored .

abstract paintings by Artist Sophie Huddlestone

Abstract art and whimsical animals. Painting career from 2011 to the present day read more …….

giraffe swirly soph

Portraits are developed from mischievous painting techniques with textural qualities and unlikely colour combinations.

Sophie Huddlestone portrait painter
Portrait by Sophie Huddlestone

Portraits created in oil paints, watercolours and mixed media. More examples are on the portraits page.

Kingfisher Painted by Sophie Huddlestone

Above is a recent kingfisher watercolour which I painted in a more realistic style. I painted it as an early birthday gift for my dad Norman Appleton. He inspired me to paint and draw from such a young age and I will always treasure memories of his eyes lighting up when seeing my paintings (he sadly passed away mid March 2020 with cancer, just as the corona virus made changes to society’s way of living).

Celebrity Portrait Commission

I often paint animal, bird and flower commissions but was a little nervous when asked to create my first portrait commission in March 2019.

It was for Russell Osman – he acted in the film Escape to Victory, Indian Super league football expert, TV Co-commentator, former footballer for England etc. and I was thrilled when he displayed my portrait on his Instagram @russosman and his Twitter @RussellOs5

commission portrait Russell Osman by Sophie Huddlestone

Given free reign to create the portrait with any theme I combined his past film as the background, the England colours in the shirt he wore for the film and painting him as he looks today, plus some of my signature style swirly squiggles. To my relief he thought it was wonderful.

Portraits on Sky TV

In April 2020 Sky Arts ‘Portrait Artist Of The Week’ television show became live during the lock down. Thousands worldwide join in each week painting the celebrity sitter on line from there own homes, selecting some to be shown in the following episode.

Rankin portrait by Sophie Huddlestone on TV Sky Arts

I was thrilled when I spotted that my portrait of Rankin had been selected as one of the portraits to be displayed on the floating wall gallery of Sky Arts Portrait Artist Of The Week, Series one episode three with Robert Rinder.

sophie huddlestone portrait on sky arts tv 12.6.20

Then again, my portrait of Noel Fielding was one of the portraits displayed on the floating wall gallery of Sky Arts Portrait Artist Of The Week. Series one episode six with Clare Balding.

Celebrity Pet Commissions

Above is a painting I did of Reggie, a dog belonging to Matt Goss (from the U.K. music band Bross). View the original post on my @creativemrsh Instagram. Matt Goss is on Instagram @mattgoss and his brother Luke Goss @thelukegoss is also on Instagram painting beautiful artworks along with film and music posts. 

More examples of pet commissions are on the commissions page. 

Google Arts And Culture

Hayley Bissett 40x40cm oils on canvas board

Google Arts and Culture – Paintings in Hospitals

A commissioned NHS oil portrait I created as part of the wonderful initiative instigated by Tom Croft. This portrait of Hayley ICU nurse was also selected to be included in the permanent record of ‘Portraits for NHS Heroes’ which is an online exhibition by Google Arts & Culture with Paintings in Hospitals. 

Copyright Sophie Huddlestone

Artist Authentication

Each artwork will include a certificate of authenticity, which can remain along with the painting for generations to come.

Paintings certificate by Artist Sophie Huddlestone

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Painting sale by Sophie Huddlestone

Contact Sophie

My art studio is gadget free so please send me a text message.

Text or Phone: 07932 606867

All contact methods are on the contact page.

Soph’s Social Media

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Sophie Huddlestone is now on TikTok as @swirlysoph

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Sophie Huddlestone creating paintings

Sophie specialises in portraits with a twist and animal paintings with a twirl. The swirly brush strokes makes it easy to spot a Sophie Huddlestone painting, the majority of collectors being from the U.S. and U.K.

The blue tinted glasses that Sophie wears are for Irlen Syndrome which could be the quirk that encourages the happy vibes in the colour combinations.

From school years having a degree with honours for industrial ceramics (Staffordshire University) and working with Wedgwood as a student, Sophie went on to sell pattern designs to Staffordshire Tableware. It was when she won the university’s Stuttgart surface pattern competition that the love and enthusiasm for creating swirly artworks took over the ceramics. Life events put painting on hold until her mid 30’s,

Past exhibitions have been at gallery’s in Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.
Currently Sophie’s artworks remain on display in all the corridors of Vision House in Leicestershire. Sophie has created paintings for a few well known celebrities such as Matt Goss (from music band Bross), Author Lynda Page and England Footballer / sports commentator Russell Osman, Graham Rowntree former England Rugby union player and coach.

Also in 2019 Saatchi Art (an online art gallery based in Los Angeles) included a selection of Sophie’s artworks.

In 2020 during the lock down a couple of Sophie’s portraits were on the floating gallery wall on Sky Arts portrait artist of the week television show among other talented artists portraits.

August 2020 Sophie’s NHS commissioned Portrait of Hayley ICU Nurse was selected for the ‘Portraits for NHS Heroes’ online exhibition by Google Arts & Culture with Paintings in Hospitals. A permanent historical record via paintings.

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