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Examples of portraits by Artist Sophie Huddlestone.

Although I have been painting animals, flowers and birds since 2011 I only started portraiture in 2018 so I am still developing techniques and trying out different styles. I like to use watercolours and oil paints, and even combine the two.

Copyright Sophie Huddlestone

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Commission Portraits:

With Irlen Syndrome I’ve previously avoided portraiture, My span of focus is incredibly small so it’s difficult to see how eyes, noses and mouths, tones etc look next to each other. So from time to time I photograph it to view it on a small phone screen. Imagine your vision is like looking at a fried egg. You see all the egg but actually focus where the yoke is. The fried egg that I see has a greater white area of the egg compared to the yoke so you certainly couldn’t dip the corner of your toast in it (I only have a 2. 5cm vision span). Reading paragraphs is quite difficult as I only read two words at a time, so nothing makes sense when you don’t pause just for the comers.

Would you like your portrait painted?

It usually takes me a couple of weeks to paint it, but there may be a waiting list of a couple of months or more.

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