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Examples of portraits by Artist Sophie Huddlestone.

The adventure into the world of portraiture combines my love of psychology with painting. Sometimes the unpredictable application of the paint decides on the portrait’s theme as the paint dribbles into shapes sparking ideas, a painters version of tea leaves! Other times I plan a personal narative and add meaningful topics in a subtle way creating conversations and interest.

Copyright Sophie Huddlestone

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More Info

With Irlen Syndrome I’ve previously avoided portraiture, My span of focus is incredibly small so it was difficult to see the entire painting in one glance, which is crucial for facial proportions and a likeness. To overcome this I look through a phone or camera viewer from time to time while painting. Imagine your vision is like looking at a fried egg. You see all the egg but actually focus where the yoke is. The fried egg that I see has a greater white area of the egg compared to the yoke, so you certainly couldn’t dip the corner of your toast in it.

I have been painting animals, flowers and birds since 2011 but only began learning portraiture in 2018. I was thrilled to have my first portrait commission in March 2019, and also very nervous, as it was for Russell Osman. (He acted in the film Escape to Victory, Indian Super league football expert, TV Co-commentator, former footballer for England etc.) To my relief he thought it was wonderful and he very kindly shared a photo of his new portrait on his social media – his Instagram is @russosman and his Twitter @RussellOs5 

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As you can see from scrolling through the portraiture examples above, the artworks run deeper than just a visual face and hopefully they create conversations. Contact Sophie Huddlestone for commission portrait enquiries.

(The copyright wording is not painted across the actual portrait, it is edited onto the photographs). You would own the portrait but the full copyrights remain with myself, the artist, Sophie Huddlestone. I do not allow printing, copying or replicating of my art, Your original portrait is a one off original, just for you.

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