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Examples of portraits by Artist Sophie Huddlestone.

The adventure into the world of portraiture combines Sophie’s love of psychology with painting. Sometimes the unpredictable application of the paint decides on the portrait’s theme as the paint dribbles into shapes sparking ideas, Other times the portrait is planed with a personal narrative to add meaningful topics in a subtle way creating conversations and interest about that person.

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Creating Portraits

sophie huddlestone painting portrait commissions

With Irlen Syndrome I’ve previously avoided portraiture, My span of focus is incredibly small so it was difficult to see the entire painting in one glance, which is crucial for facial proportions and a likeness. To overcome this I look through a phone or camera viewer from time to time while painting. Imagine your vision is like looking at a fried egg. You see all the egg but actually focus where the yoke is. The fried egg that I see has a greater white area of the egg compared to the yoke, you certainly couldn’t dip your toast in it.

portraits by Sophie Huddlestone

Above is an example of a portrait for celebrity Russell Osman. (He acted in the film Escape to Victory, Indian Super league football expert, TV Co-commentator, former footballer for England etc.)

Would you like your portrait painted?

Commissions available

As you can see from scrolling through the portraiture examples Sophie’s paintings run deeper than just a visual face and hopefully result in conversations about the person in the painting. The art will be around for generations to come and she enjoys adding a visual story in subtle ways.

Sophie’s style is to add swirls and twirls of patterns and use flashes of unusual colour such as dashes of sky blues or bright pinks in places where those colours shouldn’t be.

Sophie works from a photograph but prefers a chat with the person first, either online messaging or in person. The paintings take approximately two or three weeks of sketching ideas and painting. Regular updates of how the portrait is developing can be sent to the customer. Ideas can be incorporated from the customer. Before posting or collecting the portrait an image is emailed for approval (with the option of a full refund).

Contact Sophie Huddlestone directly for commission portrait enquiries. Email: sixfootsophie@yahoo.com Text: 07932606867 Facebook messenger: @SwirlySophArt 

Commission Price

Commission paintings are created with complete confidentiality if requested, otherwise progress images and the finished portrait may appear on Sophie’s website and social media. Commission portraiture price quote on request, approx £250.

Your original portrait is a one off original, just for you. You would own the portrait but the full copyrights remain with the artist, Sophie Huddlestone. It is not permitted for any person or entity to use any artworks or images by Sophie Huddlestone for printing, copying or replicating, physical or virtual form, 

Portrait Beginnings

portraits by Sophie Huddlestone

I’ve been working on a method to combine both oil paints and watercolour paints on the same painting. The surface you’d paint on for each medium is different, not to mention the actual painting process itself which is water verses oil. Above is a portrait in oils and watercolours, portrait called ‘time for tea’, it was one of my first portraits from 2011.

I found plenty of information on oil paints but could not find any information as to mixing these two completely different mediums. Water mixable oil paints are available but the water element is for the cleaning of the brushes and mixing mediums are still used, plus I still needed to find the necessary surface for both these paints to grab hold of.

After several months of challenging experimentation with endless art supplies, I finally cracked techniques and the necessary materials for painting either the oils first or the watercolours first, and continuing layering either until a finished painting is developed. This is the first oil & watercolour combination portrait. Commission portraits are available in watercolours, oil paints or combining the both mediums.

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