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Portraits by Artist Sophie Huddlestone.

Sophie’s portrait painting style is abstract contemporary, fascinated by the patterns that form within the painting process, allowing the spontaneous application of the paint to create shapes and patterns, then refining areas of details in a more realistic way. Sophie is still on the long road of learning portraiture, the examples below were created in a variety of mediums including oil paints, watercolours mixed media.

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Artist Sophie Huddlestone

Portrait Commission Details

Portrait commission size and price on request.

Sophie works from a photograph but prefers a chat with the person first via text messaging, phone call or in person. To create your portrait it takes Sophie approximately one to six weeks of sketching ideas and painting. Regular updates of how the portrait is developing can be sent to the customer. Ideas can be incorporated from the customer.

Creating Portraits

portraits by Sophie Huddlestone

Above is an example of a portrait for celebrity Russell Osman it is on a canvas board. (He acted in the film Escape to Victory, Indian Super league football expert, TV Co-commentator, former footballer for England etc.)

I was thrilled when I spotted that my portrait of Rankin had been selected as one of the portraits to be displayed on the floating wall gallery of the Sky Arts Portrait Artist Of The Week television program, series one episode three with Robert Rinder.

sophie huddlestone portrait on sky arts tv 12.6.20

Even more surprised when both my oil portrait and pen sketch of Noel Fielding were displayed in series one episode six (the Clare Balding episode).

Watercolour Portraits

watercolour portrait with animal by Sophie Huddlestone

Above is an example in watercolours size 9″ x 12″ (31cmx23cm). It was for Shandor Larenty from the Lion and Safari Park in South Africa. It takes 1 to 3 weeks to create a watercolour portrait and one day to be dry enough to post to the customer.

Oil Painting Portraits

Oil Portrait paintings will take Sophie approximately 1 to 3 weeks to paint and a further 2 to 4 months of drying time before it can be posted to the customer.

Mixed Media Portraits

portraits by Sophie Huddlestone

Above is one of my first portraits created on paper and painted in the mixed media of oil paints and watercolour paints, the portrait called ‘time for tea’. Read more about my painting techniques on the paintings page.

Get your portrait commission started

sophie Huddlestone painting portraits

contact Artist Sophie Huddlestone

Contact Sophie Huddlestone directly for commission portrait enquiries. Email: swirlysoph@gmail.com Phone or Text: 07932606867 or Facebook messenger: @SwirlySophArt