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Artist Sophie Huddlestone’s art studio in Leicestershire, England. I disappear from the bussel of family life, down the garden, past the trees and pond to the privacy of my art studio. Here I can open my mind to new possibilities.

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NEWS: I’ve been working on a unique method to combine using both oil paints and watercolour paints. Since 2011 I’ve adored the way the chemicals in watercolour pigments dance and mix on the paper with unpredictability, and although I’m new to oil painting I admire its lush application and versatility in sculptural brush marks. I found plenty of information on oil paints but could not find any information as to mixing these two completely different mediums. After several weeks of challenging experimentation with endless art supplies, I finally cracked a technique. Perhaps I’m the first artist to use oil paints and watercolours in the same artwork as a mixed media.

Thanks for taking the time to read my waffel :-)

old news: I started my career in my maiden name of Artist Sophie Appleton. Soon some big hotels began to purchase my art and then my first gallery was in Leicestershire in 2011 and a gallery in Lincolnshire for two years from September 2012. A world wide site released ten of my designs on to post cards in May 2012. As my own website became more popular I had no need for expensive gallery fees, so I decided to leave the galleries. My Facebook page also began to grow in popularity, with some lovely comments from customers worldwide. In July 2015 I branched into embroidery again turning six of my paintings into beautiful embroidered sweatshirts and printed bags – via my husband – with our new ‘Country Swirls’ gift range, named after my swirly style and the ‘Sophie :-)’ label because of the smile I add to paintings. In April 2016 I started a range of Art replicas (prints) around 20 designs. Also branching into A.C.E.O. (miniature hand painted pictures) measuring only 64mm X 89mm. In 2016 I made the ‘Swirly Soph Art’ app which was intended for new and return customers, but later I updated it to also include a community for hobbyists with live chat and displaying other folks artwork too. In October 2017 I launched the ‘Eye Color Love’ and ‘Steampunk Bunny’ clothing and gift wear range on the global marketplace Redbubble, they make and sell the items and when something sells I get a small portion of the sales, but unfortunately so far its about enough to buy myself a coffee and slice of cake, so I wont be placing any more designs on there. My profile page for redbubble is . After a busy few years selling 1,300 original paintings (from 2011 till early 2018) as Sophie Appleton, I decided my hubby was here to stay, so I made the change and from April 2018 I’d sign all future paintings in my married name of Sophie Huddlestone, which soon became shortened to ‘Sophie H’. In May 2018 I started including an engraved artists picture frame name plate with some commission paintings. I also changed from my old website and moved to this more sophisticated brand new website instead. In June 2018 I started ‘Artist Sophie’ my latest contemporary paintings and mega bargains blog which was then added to the menu above. Perhaps if you can not remember my last name name you’ll remember Artist Sophie dot com, and both sites are now linked together.

Enjoy :-)

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