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Original Paintings by Sophie Huddlestone. A love of painting and the concentration required is a beautiful bubble to be enclosed in. The mind disappears while a paintbrush is in hand and swirls into a state of relaxation.

paintings artworks by Sophie Huddlestone

Sophie Huddlestone specialises in one off hand painted pictures, Original watercolour paintings, oil paintings and mixed media artworks. (There is only a small set rage of around 20 art prints by S.H.)

Hidden Smile

Watercolour paintings with delicate swirls of black also have a hidden smile face. It is only a couple of mm in size, have fun finding it. Above shows you a smile in a zoomed in section from a watercolour painting.

Unusual Painting Techniques


As well as my unusual swirly style of painting I also paint with rare techniques. For example watercolours painted directly on to a canvas or canvas board. (The floral example above is watercolours painted onto a canvas). You can get a watercolour print on a canvas anywhere, but these are hand painted. It is unusual because watercolours need a certain type of surface to grip hold of and I use special mediums to enable the watercolours to dance and swirl on any surface.

Another technique that I sometimes use is to combine with watercolours and 3D texture paste, zoomed in eye example above. This gives a similar effect to a thickly applied oil painting. The watercolours really misbehave themselves with this method and it’s unpredictability adds interesting patterns.

Watercolours on paper. The different pigments of each paint, its opacity or translucency and the way different pigments interact with each other can take years of experience to master. A decade of experience, and as any watercolour artist may agree, it can still be surprising. I enjoy painting on a variety of sizes from 3.5″ up to 16″. I use artists quality watercolour paper 300g/m2  (140Lbs) acid free and archival. By using artists quality watercolour paints the colours float and mix much better giving a brighter fresh look.


Oil paintings could be painted on to a canvas, canvas textured paper or a canvas board. Oil paintings take three to six months to dry, unlike watercolours which dry straight away. It will state if the oil painting has been varnished, the varnish is a professional satin or gloss varnish which also gives the artwork UV protection.


Self Portrait called 'Forgetful' - by Sophie Huddlestone 2019. Walking to fetch my daughter from school I had forgotten my blue tinted Irlen Syndrome glasses and was squinting with the brightness of the sun. Painted onto a canvas board and 3D watercolour texture paste was added. Portrait painted in watercolours, the hat and background are in oil paints. I really went wild with this one to see how exaggerated  I could go, mixing complementary colours yellow and blue bringing the main focus on the squinting eyes and the uncomfortable feeling to this portrait.

Mixed media is a combination of different types of paints or other materials. The latest adventure is combining oil paints with watercolour paints and has taken several months experimentation to perfect (portrait example above). I could not find any information on the internet on how to mix these opposite mediums (oil verses water) so perhaps it is a rare combination. 


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If you prefer to collect a purchased painting rather than postage, you can arrange a pick up from the artist’s office at 119 Factory Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0DP England.

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Extra Info

by Sophie Huddlestone

Sometimes original paintings include a free postcard which were artworks created while I used my maiden name of Sophie Appleton (from the early days on my site). If your parcel included a free postcard then why not get yourself a frame and have an extra picture to place in your home. Here are a few examples in small grey chunky frames.

Please refresh your browser each time you visit me, I may have just added a new painting.

The Shop: The items are posted to the payment address. If the payment address is different to the postage address the shop will not accept the order. You can see the padlock icon in the address bar which verifies encryption safety. A variety of payment methods are available such as PayPal, bank cards, apple pay etc. Original paintings and art prints are for sale in the shop.

FRAMED or UNFRAMED: It will state on individual paintings if a card mount or picture frame is included with the painting. Most paintings are sold unframed – as in no glass picture frame – due to such a variety of personal choice when it comes to frames. You can view some of my paintings in frames on the reviews page. Generally I advise you get a bigger frame with a card mount. For example a 12″ painting would suit a 14″ frame and they usually come with a card mount making it the correct size inside the frame.

POSTAGE: Postage costs will combine for joint postage when ordering more than one item, using the one postage cost from the largest item. I always use Royal Mail recorded and signed for in the U.K. and International Tracked or Tracked and signed for the rest of the world. After posting your item a note of the tracking code will be emailed to you. (You can view the royal mail official website to enter this tracking code).

AUTHENTICITY: Each painting is signed on the front. The back has pencil details hand written by myself. With canvas paintings the details on the back may be in pen. Included is a certificate of authenticity.

COPYRIGHT: The copyright wording is edited onto the photo, it is not painted across the actual artwork itself. You would own the painting but the full copyrights remain with myself the artist © Copyright Sophie Huddlestone. I do not permit any person or entity to print, copy or replicate my art in any way, physical or virtual form.

REFUNDS: You can read the purchase, refunds and privacy policies on the POLICIES page.

PURCHASE ELSEWHERE: Occasionally a hand painted original is added to my Etsy (Etsy shop Country Swirls) or to eBay (eBay seller six.foot.sophie). If you prefer you can purchase a small selection of Sophie Huddlestone’s paintings at Saatchi Art, which is the world’s leading online art gallery (based in Los Angeles). They will be the same as in my own online shop. This is the link to my artworks on Saatchi Art: 

Keep it yours

Remember you paid for your painting or print so help prevent illegal printing of it. If you show friends or family via text or email etc always obstruct the image, for example with a bit of paper. 

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Artist Sophie Appleton Huddlestone


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