Commissions Page

Examples of artworks created from photographs by Artist Sophie Huddlestone. 

Details about ordering a commission are lower down.

Copyright Sophie Huddlestone

Commission Details:

You could order a commission re paint of a previous sold painting created from my own imagination or order a commission painting from your own photographs of pets, portraits, landscapes etc.

Prices are from £150 upwards.

Artist Name Plate:

Name plate: Colour silver, size 50mm X 16mm, aluminium, diamond engraved, easy to apply with a self adhesive backing. Read the details lower down.

How long a commission takes. Once I begin your painting it usually takes me two to three weeks. I may not start your painting straight away as I have other paintings to complete first. The waiting list varies from several weeks to several months. Commission paintings are unframed and unmounted.

Paint: a painting from your photograph will be in watercolours or oil paints.

Sizes: I have a variety of sizes for commissions which we can discuss. For example: 12″x9″ (31cm x 23cm) or size 14″x10″ (33.5cm x 25.4cm) or 16″x12″ (41cm x 31cm).

Your photo emailed or messaged to me must be good enough quality for me to then enlarge and see the details clearly. Most phones take good pictures these days so don’t rush off to get a professional photograph taken. For pet portraits a head and shoulders suits the 12″x9″ size but a full body or more than one pet would suit a 16″x12″ size. I paint from the one chosen photo, although sending a few can be very helpful. I will not re paint your photograph commission for anyone else.

Price After I have seen your photograph I will tell you how much it will cost for me to paint it. Paintings from the gallery page also vary in price depending on the hours it will take, medium, topic and size.

Commission Payment in full must be received before I begin to paint your commission. A variety of payment methods are available from PayPal, bank cards and even apple pay. If you are paying via cheque the payment must be cleared before I begin to paint.

View your commission painting. When finished, I send you an email with a photo attached of your painting. The photograph will have copyright wording across it. If you like the look of the painting from viewing the photo, then send me an email telling me to go ahead and post the painting to you.

Commission Refund On the other hand, after viewing the emailed photo, if you decide you no longer wish to buy it then send me an email asking for a refund and I can refund your money, and not post the painting. Once a painting is posted it can not be refunded.

Personalise your commission painting at no extra cost. Names, messages or special dates can be added in bold or subtle ways. No matter what the painting is, we can discuss ideas of where to place your wording. For example the dodo bird had dates added to the bottom trim of the handbag in a subtle way and names added to its handbag in large letters.

Postage Commissions are free post in the U.K. but I do post worldwide the postage cost of which depends on the size ordered. Postage is recorded in the U.K. and Tracked for the rest of the world. A signature will be required on arrival.

Copyright If you prefer your own photograph not to be used and on display, then it will remain confidential to me, but the commission painting that I have created will be used for display purposes on a variety of my social sites and websites and my artist’s app ‘Swirly Soph Art’. (Photographs that I post online always have wording edited across the image to prevent a clear printable image from floating around on the internet). I will not use commission paintings from your own photographs on gift items or as a print. The internet is my portfolio where I display my creations. You purchased the painting, but full copyrights of the painting remains with myself, Artist Sophie Huddlestone. Any copying or printing etc will be followed with legal action.

Policies the policies page has the full set of policies.

ARTISTS NAME PLATE: Commission paintings include a free Artist name plate as shown in the photo with ”by Artist Sophie Huddlestone” engraved on it – one per each hand painted commission painting. The name plate colour is silver, size 50mm X 16mm, aluminium, diamond engraved, self adhesive backing.

Keep it yours:

Remember you paid for your painting so help prevent illegal printing of it. If you show friends or family via text or email etc always obstruct the image, for example with a bit of paper. 

Ask Sophie:

Any questions then lets chin wag on Facebook messenger @SwirlySophArt

or email Sophie

other methods to contact me are on the contact page.