Fantasy Castle Bubbles by Sophie

This hand painted artwork is about peering through the leaves across the water you see a fantasy castle. Magical bubbles begin to float upwards. Do you climb inside the bubble to gently float up to this new place or do you cross the waters and climb to the top without the protective bubble.Lovingly created in professional watercolours with sketched details added in ink, and also a small amount of watercolour pencils around the bubble shapes.

Hand painted onto a canvas which is size 7.9” x 7.9” and 0.6” deep. (20cm x 20cm and 1.5cm deep). Painted on the front and sides, signed with S.H. On the back is hand written in pen “by Sophie Huddlestone” with my SH signature. Has a coating of fixative on the painted front and sides which protects against abrasion and moisture. Included is an authenticity certificate.