Matt Goss Dog Painting by Sophie H.

I was watching a live chat on Instagram and came across one by Matt Goss (mattgoss) he is doing live chats every evening to connect with people and bring them together in this time of self isolation with the corona virus. I saw his lovely dog, and the warmth he had with his dog while staying home. I used his dog as inspiration to start this painting. It is the first time I’ve felt like painting since the virus hit us all, because feeling heartbreak for the world isn’t exactly a happy painting zone.

His brother Luke Goss is on Instagram too (thelukegoss) and he has some very deep and inspirational posts. Spending more time on social media seems to be the new normal, and for an introvert like myself (with dyslexia and irlen syndrome) this new expectation to be in contact more with people via face time and phone calls is harder than ever, with my awkward conversational skills it’s anxiety central.

The much needed quiet times (to chill my bipolar disorder) is now a noisy crowded little house 24 hours a day. As for my career, I doubt that buying paintings will be on anyone’s shopping list for a long time in future because when this virus is over everyone will be sick of there homes, and once debts are paid off any extra spending will be on socialising and holidays. Maybe my next painting should be a swan, as my career has gone up the swanny lol :-)

Loosing a career is nothing compared to loosing your life, which the hero’s risk every day, a big thank you to ALL of the heroes and helpers, the ones physically helping and the ones virtually inspiring us online.