Phillip and Holly portrait by Artist Sophie

The first layers of watercolours were added, and then the paper was prepared to hold oil paints for the background, clothes and some hair. I had my reading glasses re made as bifocals so that I can frequently look up and down for portrait painting. Just loving my new Tiffany glasses and they have a strong blue tint for my Irlen Syndrome too.

I was so impressed with how clearly I could see details on a reference photo with my new glasses that I ended up altering my style to a tighter, more cartoon like image, which I personally do NOT prefer. So in future I will return to loosening up my paintings and perhaps take off the specks now and then to paint with my existing slightly blurred vision.

‘Pylon the Entertainment’ – this portrait of Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby has two different electricity pylons in the background. After almost a century of the “Lattice” pylons the National Grid decided a new “T-pylon” design was required as we move away from coal and towards other forms of generation such as wind, solar and nuclear. The first “T-pylon” was in Nottinghamshire April 2015, and has they have since been nicknamed Pat Butchers earrings LOL. It is also a change of background from buildings to fields because the usual ITV building is now closed down and ITV has moved, after almost half a century.

I like to add slight details which capture something about our way of life, it’s kind of like leaving a visual post it note for the future generations, as paintings live a lot longer than we do.

Watercolours and oil paints, 12″ x 9″ on canvas by Sophie Huddlestone.