Robbie Williams portrait by Artist Sophie

Here is the finished portrait of Robbie Williams which is now hanging on display in the corridor at The Vision House offices in Leicestershire. The second photo is from a previous post when the painting was still in progress after just 4 hours of painting. I think in total it took around 12 hours but there was a lot of pondering with this one.

I was thrilled when his dad liked my tweet of this painting – his dads twitter is @poppapete229 (my twitter is @CreativeMrsH) I very much doubt Robbie himself would like this watercolour, his previous comments on artworks have been other artists with fantastic photo realistic style portraits.

I often battle with my self that nothing I paint is any good because it doesn’t look like a photograph, and family members seem more complementary over my prettier more realistic attempts. Yet the other side of me is rebellious and wants to create mischief via paintings, and just go for it.

I’m guessing he is a person whom glows with warm & cool emotions (as in the highs and lows of an intelligent creative mind) a rainbow of talents, the imaginary clock tattoo represents music because music takes you to the time you remember it most. I’m not sure why such a light yellow glow, maybe he’s being looked after by Arc Angel Michael. The 2 o’clock represent Ayda & him – the 2 of them were meant to be (and all future generations the 2 of them have) and also timing & fate. Called this painting ‘Vealer’ (anagram of Reveal) as perhaps he’s like a young calf to the slaughter of fame. Watercolour and verbal diarrhoea by Artist Sophie Huddlestone.  Technique – experimented with in / out focus on eyes, to draw your gaze towards the eye nearest the pillow so the viewer feels as if being invited to lie beside him. 

Robbie Williams Portrait by Artist Sophie Huddlestone, by the way my instagram is @creativemrsh