By my side portrait by Artist Sophie

Artist Sophie paintings. This weeks artwork is a new female portrait called ‘By my side’ in oil paints on canvas panel board 40cm x 40cm. Art by Sophie H. I’ve signed the painting with S.H. and when dry this will be varnished and up for sale. I really enjoyed painting this one, and let loose with the swirling brush strokes. The full version of this painting can be seen on my website’s portraits page, the sky over the woman’s shoulder has a second person, just a hint of another’s presence, yet the female in the foreground is the one swirling in a colourful dreamlike state. Her pose raises questions, the main one being ‘what is she thinking about?’. The contrasting bright lipstick colour surrounded by the blues draws in the viewer while they wait for her to answer. Created with layers of paint and textures pressed into the paint while wet.