Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs Painting

This painting is about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs (look it up on the internet or read below) except I believe that it is possible to attain the fifth stage of the triangle (self-actualisation) even if the other sections are not fully for filled. I hope your triangle is cascading at the top, and if not then turn your life upside down until it does. My own triangle looks more like Swiss cheese. There may be a few slight minor holes in my triangle but on the whole life is pretty good, especially if you always look for the best in things. The love and light is shooting out to those whom have reached enlightenment. This composite painting includes the black card mount making it a total size of 9″ high by 7″ wide. The painting itself is 7″ by 5″ and is hand painted in watercolours. 

If you didn’t want to look up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs I can explain this artwork in more detail: A composite artwork of a ladies face with complex self actualisation meanings. The triangle pattern over the eye represents Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – a theory in phycology about the 5 motivation stages (physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness & love needs, esteem needs and finally at the top of the triangle is self actualisation). Maslow’s theory claims each stage needs to be fully satisfied before you can reach full potential, but I believe you can still reach self actualisation (top of the triangle 5th stage) even with a few gaps or holes in each stage. The eyebrow underneath represents turning your life upside down if necessary to reach your goals in life. The light flowing from the top of the triangle (5th stage) is the flow of reaching true happiness and contentment.