Hand Painted Bookmark by Sophie

Bookmarks hand painted. The price has been kept very low so that anyone could grab an original hand painted artwork by myself, Artist Sophie, and then use it as as a bookmark. So far there is a choice of 5, you can select the one you’d like in my shop A B C D or E. I painted them in watercolours using a wet on wet method for the background flowers which allowed the paint to spread. Then I painted more detail to individual flowers once dryer. Afterwards the black ink swirl and twirls were added and finally the dashes of gold paint. The amount of time spent creating these far exceeds the price but to me the enjoyment of painting outweighs the profit, the saying ‘penniless artist’ springs to mind. Us artists tend to not value our own artworks as much as an onlooker would. The bookmarks were then coated with a fixative spray to protect them from abrasion and dirt. Size approx 23cm x 6cm. Thanks for viewing