Hi :-)

The artist of this picture isn’t me folks I just love this crazy Einstein T-Shirt and wear it most days. I haven’t painted for a while, initially working on a glow in the dark experimental painting technique, and now I’m not sure if painting is a career I will be pursuing full time in future. The internet is so choca full with artists over the past three years that it isn’t enough to survive unlike in 2011 when I started. Most artists create a great range of quick sale products but my heart is in creating something new each time rather than endless trips to the post office with reproductions. As my interests are also in design, writing and thinking up song lyrics, fingers crossed I will be covering other areas of creativity too. Also I’m looking into volunteer work to do with helping in the mental heath area. This may be an insignificant or major move in my career. Who Knows I’m just going with the flow. But don’t worry I will still create new paintings for sale every months or so, depending on the available painting time and if things pick up a bit from this dry spell. Perhaps a big sale is in order!