Landscape UFO oil painting by Artist Sophie H.

A traditional oil landscape with the intention of provoking conversations and laughter when the UFO gets spotted. For sale. An oil painting artwork which will last for generations to come, it is something you could pass down your own family tree. This is an original oil painting by Artist Sophie Huddlestone called ‘Landscape UFO’. A traditional scene with my swirly contemporary style and an unusual quirk added of a UFO in the distance. Can you see it? This is painted on size A4 oil painting paper (29.8cm wide and 21 cm high). I only use top quality artists oil painting paper and oil paints because the colours clarity and longevity is important with oil paintings. After six months of drying time this was varnished with a professional satin varnish which protects the oil painting and has UV protection. Although I have painted in watercolours since 2011, this is my 1st oil painting, which collectors of my art may find of interest.

A zoomed in photo below will help you see the small UFO in the distance.