Random Act portrait by Artist Sophie

This week I painted a portrait inspired by Justin Timberlake, it is in oil paints and watercolours size A3. I decided to call it ‘Random Act’ of Kindness because it really made me giggle as I watched a video clip on Instagram @justintimberlake where he was discreetly going into book shops, and secretly signing a few of his books on the shelves. What a wonderful surprise for his fans when they find one. I don’t know much about him, only some of his songs and films, so I will hopefully be buying his book next month to find out more. One of my guilty pleasures is books by celebrity’s and as my other hobby is psychology and the workings of the brain. I find celebrity’s fascinating as they usually have such complex characters and interesting life stories.

With this portrait I wanted a colourless background to make this colourful kind action stand out. I also wanted to portray vibes of his energy buzzing with creativity, The composition is placing just one main book next to him so that the two stand side by side – as in the written content and the real person except I turned it around and painted him in an arty style (as he is the work of art) and the books as realistic and factual (well as realistic as I could paint the books). I had to re watch is mini video clip over and over again to get the exact pose I was after of his shushing finger, so if there is some sort of analytics I will look like a crazy stalker.