Scarlett Smile portrait by Sophie H

Portrait of Scarlett Smile by Sophie Huddlestone. 22.2.19. Portrait painted in watercolours and 3D paste onto an A3 size oil canvas board. The inspiration was from Scarlett Johansson. The unpredictable watercolour paints when set free sometimes come up with the ideas for me. I saw three shoulders beginning to form as the chemicals in the paint pigments settled, so I expanded on it making it more obvious, allowing the paint to tell me the story. Afterwards I pondered over this, why had I wanted to paint three shoulders? As a red carpet event photo was used as the reference, perhaps my finished painting shows poses that celebrities do when moving for the different camera snaps. Celebs usually hold the same facial expression but move there shoulders and body. Anyway what ever the reason, it’s the surprises that keeps me addicted to this medium.

Close up how the 3D texture paste looks.